The Beausejour Pulpit Book

The Beausejour Pulpit CoverThe Beausejour Pulpit

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One Word From God Can Change Your Life Forever! 

For generations, the pulpit has stood at center stage in Protestant churches. More than just a podium to hold the pastor’s notes, this wooden instrument symbolizes the proclamation of the Word of God. This collection of sermons preached in Beausejour, Manitoba is designed to help you encounter the living Word so that your life can be transformed.

Table of Contents


Hunger and the Need for Revival

God’s desire is that this latter day’s church would be greater in glory than the early church. It’s time to contend for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our midst today and pray for revival.

Redigging the Wells of Prayer

If we want to see the same power – signs, wonders, healings and miracles – as the church in Acts, then we must have the same priority of prayer as they did.

With Jesus in the School of Prayer

Jesus wants to teach us how to pray. When we spend time with Jesus in the secret place, prayer becomes an exciting adventure. 

Church, It’s Time to Grow Up!

God has given us an amazing gift in the Bible. When we feed upon His Word, we will grow spiritually and become more like Jesus.  

Fullness of Joy and Rivers of Pleasure

There’s something missing in the church today. It’s called JOY. God wants us to experience fullness of joy, and rivers of pleasure. 

The Blessed Life: The Secret of Happiness

God’s desire is that we would experience the blessed life – to be happy, supremely blessed; and spiritually prosperous with life-joy and satisfaction.  

Origins #1: Creation

Is there more scientific evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation or the theory of evolution? The Origins series considers this question and more. 

Origins #2: The Fall

If God is good, and He created everything, and the original creation was very good, then why is there death and suffering in the world?  

Origins #3: Dinosaurs in the Bible

If God made the dinosaurs with all other land animals and human beings on day six of creation, are there dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? 

Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is one of the most interesting books of the Bible. This message will give you the keys to unlocking the mysteries of Revelation. 

Foursquare Foundations

A look at our church’s statement of faith.

Faith in Focus: The Newspaper Columns

A collection of articles that were published in our local newspaper.

Proverbs: Wisdom for Daily Living

A 31 day devotional journey through the Book of Proverbs.

Appendix #1: Do You Know Jesus?

Appendix #2: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Preface to Supernatural

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