The Fear of the Lord


“Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in understanding. Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life. If you become wise, you will be the one to benefit. If you scorn wisdom, you will be the one to suffer.” (Prov. 9:10-12).

The first nine chapters of the book of Proverbs form Solomon’s lengthy introduction to his wise sayings. The Proverbs themselves begin in chapter ten. The whole introduction is designed to inspire and motivate us to seek wisdom, and to help us to see some of the many benefits of getting wisdom in our lives. Solomon tells us that if we get wisdom, it will help us to live a longer more blessed life. I don’t know about you, but I want more wisdom in my life! How do we get this wisdom? The answer is simple yet also very profound: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But, what is the fear of the Lord?

Let’s look at some of the verses in Proverbs that teach us what the fear of the Lord is and how it will benefit us in our lives today:

What is the Fear of the Lord?

“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate.” (Proverbs 8:13).

When we talk about the fear of the Lord, a lot of people misunderstand the concept and think that we are supposed to be afraid of God. However, this is not what the Bible means when it speaks of fearing God. It means having a healthy respect for Him and His authority. It means that when God says something is bad, evil, or sinful, then we hate those things that He hates! When we respect God, it means that we will trust Him and honour Him and His Word, and do our best to walk in obedience to the things written in the Bible. When we do this, we will be blessed.

How Will the Fear of the Lord Benefit us?

There are many Proverbs that show us how the fear of the Lord will benefit us:

  • “The fear of the Lord prolongs days, But the years of the wicked will be shortened.” (10:27).
  • “In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge.” (14:26).
  • “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, To turn one away from the snares of death.” (14:27).
  • “The fear of the Lord leads to life, And he who has it will abide in satisfaction; He will not be visited with evil.” (19:23).

Prolonged days, strong confidence, a place of refuge, life and satisfaction. These benefits and blessings are worth seeking after…


Pastor Chris Jordan


About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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