Welcome to the Pulpit!

To celebrate the release of my new book, The Beausejour Pulpit, I’m launching this new blog. Each day over the next month, I will be posting chapters from my book for you to enjoy.

Today, I’m leaving you with the blurb from the back of the book, and the preface. Be blessed!

One Word From God Can Change Your Life Forever! 

For generations, the pulpit has stood at center stage in most Protestant churches. More than just a podium to hold the pastor’s notes, this wooden instrument symbolizes the proclamation of the Word of God. This collection of sermons preached in Beausejour, Manitoba is designed to help you encounter the living Word so that your life can be transformed. In this book, you will discover how to:

  • stir up a hunger for more of God in your life
  • grow spiritually and become more like Jesus
  • pray powerful prayers and get more out of your Bible study
  • get more joy and satisfaction in your life
  • discover scientific evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation
  • gain keys to understanding the Book of Revelation
  • and more!


It was Charles Haddon Spurgeon who inspired this volume you hold in your hands. Anyone who has heard me preach before has no doubt heard of Spurgeon, for I quote him often. This old Baptist pastor is affectionately referred to by many as The Prince of Preachers. Allow me to share with you a brief introduction to his life.

“C. H. Spurgeon was to nineteenth-century England what D. L. Moody was to America. Although Spurgeon never attended theological school, by the age of twenty-one he was the most popular preacher in London. He preached to crowds of ten thousand at Exeter Hall and the Surrey Music Hall. Then when the Metropolitan Tabernacle was built, thousands gathered every Sunday for over forty years to hear his lively sermons. In addition to his regular pastoral duties, he founded Sunday schools, churches, an orphanage, and the Pastor’s College. He edited a monthly church magazine and promoted literature distribution.” (W.Y. Fullerton, Charles Haddon Spurgeon: A Biography, quoted from www.spurgeon.org).

There are many things about Spurgeon’s life that inspire me. He was a pastor who was dedicated to faithfully preaching the Word of God, and I too am a Bible preacher. One of the things that most inspires me about Spurgeon was his Penny Pulpit series. Influenced by another preacher, he decided to publish transcripts of his sermons every week, and in January of 1855, The New Park Street Pulpit was born. For seven years, he published these eight-page, small print sermons. Once a tax on paper was abolished, he began publishing twelve page sermons in larger type and changed the title of them to the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.

More than hundreds of millions of his weekly sermons were sold, and since then, they have been reproduced in numerous other ways. I have in my personal library several collections containing hundreds of Spurgeon’s sermons, and they still inspire me today. This is how The Beausejour Pulpit was born.

In this little book, you will find a collection of transcripts of ten of the sermons that I preached at Beausejour Community Church over the past five years. In addition to these ten sermons you will find Foursquare Foundations, an examination of our church’s statement of faith; Faith in Focus, a collection of twenty bi-weekly columns I wrote for our local community newspaper, and Proverbs: Wisdom for Daily Living, a 31 day devotional journey through the book of Proverbs.

Be forewarned: None of the messages in this book will win any kinds of literary awards. They are raw and relatively unedited, but they are records of some of the messages that I have shared with our church family in the first five years of pastoral ministry in Beausejour.

The first four messages will challenge you to seek after God in prayer and Bible reading. The next two messages will encourage you to contend for joy in your life. The three-part Origins series will answer some of the questions you may have about the creation versus evolution debate including a consideration of dinosaurs. The tenth message will introduce you to one of my favorite books of the Bible: Revelation.

Although my words are nowhere near as eloquent as Spurgeon’s, I pray that God would breathe upon these messages and use them to inspire and encourage you in the Lord, just as Spurgeon’s sermons have blessed me.

Pastor Chris Jordan

Beausejour, MB



About Chris Jordan

Husband. Father. Author. Pastor. High School Bible Teacher. Follower of Jesus. And I enjoy a good cup of coffee!
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